Fabio Rosenthal Kahn is an architect, graduate of Puc-Campinas (2002), Brazil.

Originally from São Paulo,Brazil, he now lives in Israel.

He discovered his love for photography at university. He continued to develop his art after his graduation at Art school USP (University of Sao Paulo) with the photographer Joao Musa. Drawing was always his natural way of expression. He join "landscape drawing" with Marco Butti at USP (University of Sao Paulo_Art School). Continued to study drawing at Sesc-Pompeia and metal engraving at Atelie Coringa Sao Paulo. He join the Prestes Maia occupy in Sao Paulo downtown together with independent groups of artists.

In Israel he continued to study photography at Technion University and model nude drawing at Sadnat Omanei ha Kibutz (artist studio of Kibutz)  in Tel Aviv.  He studied oil painting and charcoal drawing with Yonat Cintra at her own studio. Actually he works at his art studio in a building with 2 floors of artist at South Tel Aviv.  

Recently, photography and drawings have been displayed at the following exhibitions:

2006 -"Imprecisões" ("Impressisons") - a photographic essay about the São Paulo city center made by manual processing of development and press.

All the pictures were taken with a 120mm camera. One of the objectives was to reach the poetry of the passage from the city, including ourselves as part of it. The essay was based in gray tones, reaching a greater quantity of tones. The images were captured wih long photographic exposure, resulting in the photos with movement of all passing people, cars and busses. The exhibition venue at AAMAM brought the photography backs to it's place, downtown.

2006 -"Uma visão lenta sobre uma vida que não para" ("A slow vision of a life that doesn`t stops")

A photographic essay made with the objective to understand and make a photographic machine. The machine used was a pin-hole that allows long exposure. Most of the photographs were taken at the end of the day. The images were presented as part of a personal project at Sesc-Pompeia, São Paulo.

2007 -Exhibition at 8 rosas (8 roses gallery) with more 4 photographers. 

2008 -"Path"(Caminhos) דרך - at Mercaz ha Magshimim (Jerusalem, Israel).

This exhibition was a photographic essay of simple life in Egypt and Jerusalem. The objective was to reach the perspective of the observer walking together through the pictures. The results portray simple scenes of everyday life.

2009 - Exhibition "Path" as part of the city meets Art at Jerusalem.

Collective join Exhibition at Mazal Arie with part of  "Path" photos and nude model drawings from September  to November in Jaffa, next to Tel Aviv.  

2010- Join photography book after international competition of the site Olhares (located in Portugal) with 5 Black and white photos. 

2011- Publication of 5 photos, part of essay of Israel, at the book "da Luz(e) da Sombra" (from the Light (&) Shades), a collective Photography book published in Lisbon, Portugal by Edições Vieira da Silva.  Chosen as part of an international competition started in Ölhares"photography site.

2012-Individual "Photos and Drawings" exhibition of engravings, drawings, paintings and photos, at Caffe Soul, Ramat Ha Hayal, Tel Aviv.  Mostly of the work displayed for the first time to public in Israel.

Publication of 3 photos and small bio at the book "Fragrancias da luz"(Light Fragrances) at Portugal. Published by Edições Vieira da Silva, Lisbon, Portugal.

Photography Exhibition "De São Paulo ao Egito e Israel" (from Sao Paulo to Egypt and Israel) at OÇO, center of Sao Paulo. From 31th March to 21th of April. Selected photos were displayed for the first time in Brazil.

Part of Photography "Egypt and Jerusalem" essay published at Ocas Magazine, edition of March/ April #82, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Join with 4 photographs of Jerusalem in "Calendrier Joseph Bloch" a jewish calendar in France. Year 2012-2013 (Jewish year 5773).

2013- First prize at photography competition and after permanent exhibition at Shalom Community,Sao Paulo, Brazil, about "your vision of Israel" with the picture "Girl with reflex at Meah Shearim", Jerusalem (part of path exhibition).

Since November until March 2014  join collective exhibition with painters, sculptors and photographers with the essay: "People" at Diaghilev Hotel,56, Mazeh St. Tel Aviv. 

2014- Join exhibition in Haifa on exhibition Alquimia, Photography 

Join event of 3 days of open studios in Tel Aviv, "night light" Photography, paintings and drawings

2015- Join exhibition "open studios", in Tel Aviv, Israel, Photography, paintings and drawings

Join photography book "Essência e Memória" antologia de fotografia contemporânea, vol.5(essence and memory contemporary photography antology, vol 5) Chiado Editora Portugal (ed. Chiado, Portugal) as part of international photography chalenge. Sold in Portugal and Brazil, with photos of Sao Paulo and Egypt.

Interview in PUC-SP with the curator Adilson Gonçalves.

2016- Join exhibition "night light", in Tel Aviv, Israel, Photography, paintings and drawings

          Join exhibition "open studios", in Tel Aviv, Israel, Photography, paintings and drawings

2017- Join site of Lens Culture, from international competition

  • https://www.lensculture.com/fabio-kahn

Join Open Studios, Tel Aviv

2018- Join open studios in Tel Aviv

Published works could be found in the following art magazines, books and gallery: